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2017 - Raw forging for surgical instruments in Titanium

Since several years already, the demand for surgical instruments in titanium is continuously growing. That’s why we are consistently engaged in adapting our production processes to the requirements of titanium. Accordingly, we try to expand our existing product range by new titanium models and to optimize our very specialized production processing at the same time. Supported by our construction team, additional tooling is going to be developed by our team itself realizing an efficient production process. Thereby we are able to meet your individual requirements at your company. Please send us an inquiry regarding your titanium model!

2016 - New Production Manager at Otto Roehrig

We welcome our graduate engineer Frank Rützenhoff on board at our location Schmalzgraben since the 1st of September. In the past four years two department managers were provisionally in charge of his job. Now the right time has come to bring the two teams together. With Mr. Frank Rützenhoff we could win, regarding to our future-oriented new developments, an experienced forging professional. Frank will bring forward our continuously expanded product range, the process optimization and the implementation of the new quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2015.
Ralf Zimmermann

2016 - Otto Roehrig now in one hand

122 years passed by when the last descendant of the founding family Roehrig has sold its shares to the Otto Roehrig Gesenkschmiede GmbH. CEO Ralf Zimmermann realized successfully the takeover of these shares and steers now as sole owner and managing director the company.

2016 - Forge at Hugo Herkenrath now technologically state-of-the-art

The modernization of forging were largely completed with the acquisition of a new hammer system. The purchase of another HSC-milling machine for the die- and mold-making extends the machinery to now three modern milling centers. The establishment and composition of a third construction workplace and the creation of a new forging place, including a hammer system and a forge, complete our “mile stones” with regard to our planned capacity expansion. Altogether at this location now, eleven fully equipped forge spaces are available for both the Hugo Herkenrath Edelstahlschmiede as well as for the Otto Roehrig Gesenkschmiede to provide manufacturing capabilities and to enable a flexible and reliable blank supply for our customers in the future.

2015 - Development with precision and creativity

With tradition and modern technology, we develop the required blank from the specifications of our customers, which usually describe the final product they manufacture. In doing so, we orient ourselves on drawings, sometimes also on hand-drawn sketches, from which we develop the 3D model of the blank on the computer. We also offer the production of cost-effective 3D plastic models of the forging blank by rapid prototyping, so that our customer can get an accurate idea of the blank and can better evaluate the further processing in his production process. This often results in supplementary steps which we can offer for our customers in the cold manufacture before delivery of the blanks in order to facilitate further processing.

2014 - An eventful year

Influenced by restructuring, realignments and continuous improvement an eventful year for the whole team of Otto Röhrig Gesenkschmiede GmbH comes to an end. In the beautiful mountainous country surrounded by metropolitan areas, we have many future visions in form of unrealized ideas to develop new strong products for our markets. With great confidence we are implementing many improvements for the coming year that have a great impact on increasing our customer care and customer orientation. At the same time we always follow our commitment of maintaining high quality standards and keeping on to be a competent and reliable partner for you now and in future.

2014 - Solingen 24h-Live

On 27th and 28th July 2014, we opened our factory for interested visitors in our participation at the event "Solingen 24 Live" in which we offered a day of open doors with tours through the production. Many visitors enjoyed an insight into our industrial forging processes which begins with the precise production of dies and tools and ends after many intermediate steps with the quality control of the knife and scissor blanks.
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